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Strato is a prefix meaning layer, as in the Stratospheric layer of our Earth's atmosphere. The stratosphere is significant in that it contains some forms of airborn life, making it also a part of the biosphere. It is also unique in that the temperature increases as altitude increases, which is the inverse of all other layers of the atmosphere. The stratosphere is crucial to our survival because it contains most of the ozone. Finally, the stratosphere is dynamically stable, without regular turbulence and without major weather problems.

Syllogistics is a form of logic in which a major and minor premise are used to form a conclusion.

  • Major premise: Thought must come from something.
  • Minor premise: I think.
  • Conclusion: I think therefore I am.


  1. Absolute right and absolute wrong are valid. Meaning that some actions are absolutely wrong no matter what the circumstance, and some actions are absolutely right no matter the circumstance.
  2. We should try to understand our situation. For whatever reason, we possess the ability to think, reason, challenge, make up our minds, and change our minds. That we would be given these abilities without also being given the ability to shut them off flies in the face of logic.
  3. We stipulate that human senses and earthly measuring devices are fallible and inaccurate, but within that premise we must presume to believe that we are not being intentionally mislead as we attempt to observe and measure, otherwise there is no hope.
  4. We exist for a purpose. There is no such thing as no purpose. Even if we exist for whim and fancy, that is still a purpose.

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