Deep Field Space

The Hubble Space Telescope and pictures of galaxies millions of light years away... If it takes a million years for light to reach us from somewhere, then the universe is at least a million years old. Let's start with accepting that there has been no trickery or deception in the creation of our senses, and that we are not being fooled into thinking or observing things that are not truly and honestly there; for if there has been trickery, then we are bound for a miserable future.

I have heard the story of Deep Field Space, an area near Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper, that prior to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was thought to be the darkest and emptiest part of the sky, possibly an empty corridor between us and the edge of the universe. From our perspective here on earth, this area in the sky would be like the tip of a pencil at arms length. One of the first things we did when the HST was in orbit was point it at the Deep Field, hoping to see nothing but whatever awaited us at the edge of existence. But what did we find instead? Thousands of galaxies filled that little area! It was not empty, but chock full of trillions of stars!

Nearly every object seen in this picture is a galaxy.

~ December 20, 2009

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