Is God In Control

We must differentiate between being in control and having the ability to control. If you are in control of something, then everything that happens, good and bad, is an effect of your decisions. If you have the ability to control, but do not always control, then you are allowing other factors to affect some of the outcomes. God can have the ability to control without necessarily always be controlling.

Let us therefore hope that God is not IN control, because if he is, then I no longer have a choice in my destiny, and therefore any punishments I might receive become a God punishing himself, and any rewards I might receive become a God praising himself. Such a god would be self-loathing, transferring his hatred upon unwilling and innocent infants. Such a god would be obese with the consumption of his own children. Our creator cannot be so evil.

We must be allowed to choose our own destiny, our own rewards, our own punishments, experience our own failures and successes, be allowed to be hurt or loved by others, without interference from God; because that is the only proof of a good God.

~ March 28, 2011

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