The Three Little Pigs

Explain these things:

Explain them? Well, neither can any one else smarter than you.

Be careful not to fall into the trap proclaiming that wikipedia is an unreliable source, not seeing the bigger picture of the subject but rather discounting a subject in its entirety based upon a single source. This list but starts you on your way, do your homework then, and conquer it for me.

Where did that technology discontinue and ours begin? How is it possible that our great and self-centered genus might forget?

Like the three little pigs, we build our house of sticks, while those from 10,000 years ago built their house of bricks. Their stone structures have lasted tens of thousands of years, our steel and wooden structures barely last a couple hundred years. Which is better, who is smarter? Why should only the idiots exist? Think again, long and hard, about that one, there is deeper meaning than you first realize to that question. Why is the gap so wide between them and us that we have no idea how they did what they did? What caused that gap?

Like plow horses wearing blinders, we understand only that we are the final order of intelligence leading the cutting edge of technology forward, yet we can't explain the technology of the Neanderthal who walked before us, if he was even a neanderthal. Gaps of intellectual ability over time.

What is the purpose and incidence of our different races? How did this come about? Gaps in genetics within our own time.

Like rodents scampering inside the wall of a great castle, so proud of the glorious little boogers we have found along our way, we have no idea what is real.

~ April 16, 2011

(No, I didn’t misspell genus.)

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