Imagine what it might be like if nothing existed. Prior to the creation of our universe; prior to the big bang, if there was one; prior to everything, there was complete nothing. Not a single atomic particle, and not a single soul. Just imagining of course. For the sake of imagining, go back into negative infinity until nothing exists, then go back even further, a few more negative infinities. When nothing exists. From that point, one of two things must happen, either God comes into reality, or atomic particles do. How might either happen?

If God has always existed, then what was he doing for all eternity before he decided to create? Before he created anything, he was alone, and alone for eternity upon eternity, until finally he created angels, then creating the universe. What took so long?

However, if there is no such thing as God, then for all eternity when there existed not a single particle of matter, somehow matter came into being, by itself, from no source at all.

Which is more credible? A god who created a universe, or something without intelligence or reason creating our universe? As incredible as it seems for there to have always existed God, of the two choices, it seems less unlikely for that to be the case then for complete nothingness to convert to somethingness without cause or source.

In any case, by the existence of our own consciousness we are forced to believe that something has always existed for all eternity backward into absolute negative infinity. Either matter has always existed, or God has always existed, one or the other or both, otherwise we could not and would not be here.

To explore the non-existence of God, we need to ask why it should take an infinity for humans to evolve into what we are today, fragile soft little bits of short-living gravity-bound time-constrained kanigits. Having matter that always existed, we had infinity upon infinity to become just this. What took so long?

In order for the Big Bang theory to be valid we need to ask where did the matter come from that was in the pre-bang container? Where did the container come from? What is the source of the matter in the container? So for the Bangers, it still gets back to something must have existed prior to the bang, which in and of itself invalidates the very same argument. There is no argument for a bang without also having to allow for pre-bang matter sources, which means that the Big Bang is still not the beginning of matter and energy.

Now, what if Time is irrelevant? Suppose that Time means nothing to anything except to us? (See my page on Time Is Not Natural, an assertion that Time is not part of our natural state, and is therefore only relevant to us in a very specific way.) In that case, there is no such thing as infinity, neither backward in time nor forward. Having to believe that something always existed or not is only predicated upon a belief in Time. Without Time, a beginning or end no longer makes sense to argue about. However, what does still present itself as an arguable point is the existence or non-existence of matter and God. That, is still an enigma.

To argue about the existence or non-existence of matter, irrespective of Time, we can note any part of our surroundings, and without further ado we are compelled to admit that matter exists.

Which brings us finally to the main question of the existence or non-existence of God. We are self-aware, so we are more than the chemicals and tissues that make us an animal, and we each have Thought that is attached and contained within ONE unique animal. If chemistry is solely responsible for thought, then after many solid days of contemplation it is finally obvious that any or all thoughts could be associated with multiple animals simultaneously, without uniqueness. But we are not that, so based upon the uniqueness of the self-awareness apparatus we call life, we are forced to conclude that something more than chemical and biological activities is taking place. It is either that chemistry causes consciousness, or that consciousness causes chemistry. To get to the point of the existence of God, irrespective of Time, we finally realize that we only need to answer one final question: Which is the prerequisite, consciousness or chemistry? (At this point, it is irrelevant if matter existed for all eternity along with God or not, since the previous secondary arguments establish that consciousness cannot exude from chemistry alone.) Since chemistry deals only at the level of matter, how can it create non-material self-awareness and consciousness? Conversely it does seem plausible that consciousness, by definition being able to manipulate and decide and control, might be able to administrate chemistry. That original consciousness would be what?

~ May 31, 2010

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