Time Is Not Natural

To discuss human existence within the framework of the flow of time. The future approaching, the past receding, while we live completely within the boundary between the two. That boundary, called the present, asymptotically approaches a width of zero with increasing effort to find it. And we would like to find it, because that is where we exist. The past is what we were, not what we are; and the future is yet to come, and so also not what we are. What a conundrum it is, to realize that where we ARE, is within a unit of time of width zero. But here is where the proof is found.

The passing of time seems so swift. No sooner than do we anticipate an event or occasion, then it has passed away into memory. It doesn't matter if the anticipated occasion is a few minutes away or a few years away. It becomes part of the past in the blink of an eye.

~ October 15, 1973

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